CNC Wire EDM technology is integral to the construction of stamping die components and custom applications. The wire EDM department is equipped with nine Mitsubishi wire EDM machines. Wire media used in cutting applications range in size from .004", .008", .010", .012" and .014" in diameter, and can cut a variety of conductive materials.

Advances in power supply technologies have created machines capable of producing precision profiles with exceptional surface finishes. Improved surface finishes reduce post operation polishing requirements, thus cutting tool costs.

With the recent addition of the FA30V submersible wire machine, Fox Valley Tool & Die was able to address the need for a larger window of operation, accepting parts as large as 19.5" x 29.5" x 26.50" high.

Cutting of precision tapers is possible within the wire EDM process, as the machines are equipped with an independent 4th axis system, allowing the upper and lower head to work independently of each other.